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About MFPE Engineering Ltd.

Mfpe Engineering Ltd. (MFPE) provides fire protection engineering and design services for all types of buildings including health care facilities, care homes, high rise buildings, residential, industrial, commercial, sports arenas and storage facilities.

Having over 2500 project experiences under our belt, MFPE Engineering Ltd. has extensive mastery in providing fire protection engineering and design services for oil and gas industry, avionics and aeronautical industry, healthcare facilities, commercial and residential buildings, warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

Examples of systems we designed are: fire pumps, fire suppression (foam, dry and wet systems) standpipes, waterlines, bracing, valves, Deluge, Vortex ™, Potter nitrogen generators, remote fire monitoring, state of the art fire alarm systems, integrated smart panels, construction safety plans, fire plan, maintenance manuals, system audit and recommendations and code compliancy reports.

Our design and engineering staff are up to date with all Codes including NFPA, FM and municipal requirements and we provide fire protection code consulting services for contractors, architects, engineers, and building owners.

Our ultimate aim is to provide a fire protection system that provides life safety, protects the building, and its contents, and meets all relevant Codes.

Knowing the tight schedules of the building industry, we will also provide you with efficient and timely designs, utilizing our vast experience of systems and modern fire protection methods and technology.


We strive to provide the highest of level of professional services for all our work. Our staffs are up to date with NFPA, Building Codes, FM and local municipal requirements.


Meet or exceed the quality requirements for established domestic and international fire safety codes. Our designs and services have 100% success rate of acceptance by our clients and AHJs.


We bring one-stop-shop for all your design and engineering needs by providing turn-key solutions. We discuss every step of the design and development activities so we are clear of our client’s expectation. We utilize several lean six-sigma project management tools resulting into on time high quality service delivery at the lowest possible cost.

Integrity and professionalism

Our engineers are designated Professional Engineers in several provinces in Canada and the USA.We maintain professional certifications, receive training on the latest industry products for all design and service work that we incorporate.


Our staff undergo regular job related safety training, we maintain top of the line PPE and required gears for our work at job sites.